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MDL Cleaning Services is more than just a cleaning company. Sure, we offer high quality cleaning services to homes, businesses, landlords, and more - but there are many more ways that MDL can save you time, and even money!

Since 1986, studies show that people are spending more time working and less time with family. Based on a 260-day work year, the decline in family time amounts to 195 fewer hours a year, or nearly five 40-hour work weeks.

MDL can help you with all of your menial day-to-day tasks, such as housekeeping, grocery shopping, laundry, picking up your dry cleaning. We even offer childcare, pet care, and house sitting services!

Your time is valuable - and the average work day doesn't even factor in commute time, or daily chores and tasks. By the time you consider all of that, your actual "quality time" is down to almost nothing! Lack of time can cause so much stress. Isn't it worth it to have some help?

Going to be away? Have MDL keep an eye on your home and your pets while you're gone!

Imagine, coming home from work to a clean house, folded laundry, the dog has been walked and the cat has been fed, and the kids were picked up from school on time. It's a life that only the rich can dream of! But MDL can bring that luxury to you at a minimal cost. Just look at our pricing page! When you think about it, your time is worth so much more!

Give us a call today. We can help you in so many ways. All of our employees are pre-screened, and we are bonded and insured. Your peace of mind - and peaceful schedule - are of utmost importance to us! See how much easier we can make YOUR life.



Bonded & Insured

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