Errand Service

How Does it Work?

An errand service takes care of the details and does all the chores that you do not have the time to do for yourself, including the ones you don't do and let build up that put pressure on you.  Our errand service will do the actual running around.  We will go grocery shopping at the grocery store and get everything on your grocery list for you. Stand in line for you and get your new car tag.  Pick up gifts for others that you know what you want to get for but can't take time to go and shop for.  In short, our errand service is your extra hand.

You can actually SAVE money by using an Errand Service!
Studies show that the majority of impulse purchases are made while you're shopping for other items. Give us your list, and we'll stick to it. No impulse items!

Think how much simpler life would be if you didn't have to...

  • grocery shop
  • pick up prescriptions
  • Grab little things like stamps and stationary
  • Go to the Post Office
  • Drop off dry cleaning
  • Even buy gifts!
  • No time to shop? No problem! We know quality and we know value. We take personal interest in making sure

    that your shopping and errands are done right and done on time.

    In addition to our personal shopping service, we can help you with the practical details - from picking up dry cleaning to coordinating home maintenance projects to delivering your meals.

    Just let us know your errands and they're as good as done!

    Call or email us the errands that you need done, where they need to go, and by when. We will respond to confirm and ask questions. After the errands are completed, a bill is sent to you in your email box with our hourly fee plus the purchased amounts!

    We would love a days notice, but it is not necessary! We know how things get crazy sometimes, so call if something just comes up!

    Why should you delegate your grocery shopping to M.D.L?
    * Saves you time

    * Save Money—less impulse buying, you stick to your list!

    * Eat Healthier- most impulse buys are junk food
    * Avoid stress of sitting in traffic, finding a parking space, fighting the crowds and standing in line
    * When you get home from a long day, all of your food is there and ready for dinner
    * Forces you to be more organized and plan your meals for the week! No more take out!
    * Peace of mind!



    Bonded & Insured


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