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Are you bonded and Insured?

Yes, we believe anyone working in your home should be covered. Our insurance is covered up to $2 million for liability. A copy of our insurance is available upon request.

Do you screen your employees?

Yes, we carefully screen all of our employees and check references. We also do a police check. Also, all of our employees must go through training before becoming a professional cleaner. They also must speak and read English, have a good professional manner and wear our M.D.L uniforms during visits.

Is your service guaranteed?

Yes, within 24 hours of service, anything in question, your cleaner will re-clean free of charge. You also have the option to add extra cleaning time towards your next clean.

Are the cleanings checked?

Yes, we send our supervisor to periodically check the cleanings for quality control.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Cheques accepted by regular customers only, or you can pay online using a credit card or paypal account.

Is paying online secure?

Yes! Our online payments are processed through paypal - the most trusted secure online method of payment! When you click the payment button, you are transferred directly to paypal to complete the payment process.

Why does the online payment area say donation amount?

We offer many services at many rates, and they all take different amounts of time. Because of this, each bill we issue varies. Paypal will only let us create payment buttons for set amounts, but if we use the Donate option, the user can enter the desired amount (the exact amount shown on your bill). Don't worry though, it does not count as a donation - it is a payment, and we will post it onto your account right away!

How many cleaners do you send?

We send two cleaners for your home or office cleaning. Additional cleaners can be requested, at a 3 hour minimum per cleaner. For regular cleaning, we do our best to send the same cleaners for your preferred day and time.

Do you use our supplies or yours?

Mostly we use the customer's supplies ,But all of our cleaners do drive and therefore can supply all the materials for an additional $5. If you would like to supply your own materials that work as well

What if I need to cancel or postpone a cleaning?

You must provide us 48 hours notice to cancel or change your cleaning day. There is a $50 cancellation fee per cleaner in failure to do so, also if the cleaner is unable to gain access to your home or office through no fault of ours.

What if I want to hire one of your employees privately?

To book one of our cleaners, or any of our staff, you must book through our office at 647-504-5447. You must not ask for our cleaner’s/ staff phone number for security reasons. If at any time you attempt to employ one of our staff who is currently employed by us or not, without our knowledge, you will be fined a fee of $2,500. Failure to pay the fee, your fine will automatically be sent to our collections department and will affect your credit.

Where do you service?

We service Central, North, East, West Toronto, and Etobicoke.

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Bonded & Insured


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